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Nicky Gough BSc (Hons) RDH

My background in dentistry started in 1991 as a trainee dental nurse in an NHS practice. I really enjoyed my role as a dental nurse and achieved my National Certificate in 1993. In 1996 I decided to study dental hygiene and I qualified as a dental hygienist from Kings College Dental Hospital in London. I currently work in a mixed NHS/private practice on the South Coast of England. I have a passion for dentistry and further education, which I share with my husband who is a dental engineer. I combine my working life with a busy home life enjoying our two very active children.


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Sue Bagnall BSc (Hons) RDH Cert DHE

My career in dentistry started when I left school and I have experienced various challenging roles. Initially I worked as a dental technician and then moved on to train as a dental nurse at the Birmingham Dental Hospital. I achieved my hospital qualification and the National Certificate in 1986. After spending eleven years working as a dental nurse I went on to work as a dental receptionist and then studied for the Certificate in Dental Health Education. In 1996 I qualified as a dental hygienist at Kings College Dental Hospital. I now work in private and NHS dental practices.


Nicky and I met in 1995 whilst studying hygiene and have remained firm friends ever since. In 2011 we graduated from the University of Kent with a BSc (hons) in Primary Dental Care . Studying for the degree increased our knowledge of evidence based practice which gave us the knowledge to write CPD which is evidence based and relevant to improving standards.

In  2009 we launched and the business won an award in 2011. We are really excited to be offering you, as a dental nurse, membership to your own exclusive web site which will provide you with all your required verifiable and non-verifiable CPD.

We look forward to the prospect of continually expanding our website in response to your feedback and in addition to providing on-line learning, we are now holding a series of lecture days for DCPs to gain 5 hours of core verifiable CPD. For further details please click on the link from the home page.

If you have any ideas as to how we can improve this site and our CPD, or if you have any ideas for articles that you would like to read, then please contact us. We really value your feedback and we are committed to making this the BEST and most ENJOYABLE way for you to obtain your CPD.

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