Your Enhanced CPD

  •  Complete 50 hours of verifiable CPD during your 5 year cycle (there is a requirement for you to do a minimum of 10 hours CPD in every two consecutive CPD years)
  •  You must make an annual declaration of CPD hours completed, even if zero hours have been completed for that year
  •  Dental nurses are required to have a personal development plan which incorporates reflective learning
  •  You must align your CPD activity with specific development outcomes
  •  You must plan your CPD activity according to your individual field(s) of practice
  •  The subject, learning content, aims and objectives
  •  The anticipated GDC development outcomes of the CPD
  •  The date(s) that the CPD was undertaken
  •  The total number of hours of CPD undertaken
  •  The name of the professional who has participated in the CPD activity
  •  CPD that is subject to quality assurance, with the name of the person or body providing the quality assurance
  •  Confirmation from the provider that the information contained in it is full and accurate

The GDC Recommended Topics

  •  Medical Emergencies: at least 10 hours in every CPD cycle: At least two hours of CPD is recommended in every year
  •  Disinfection and Decontamination: At least five hours is recommended in every CPD cycle
  •  Radiography and radiation protection: At least five hours is recommended in every CPD cycle
  •  Legal and ethical issues
  •  Complaints handling
  •  Oral Cancer: Early detection
  •  Safeguarding children and young people
  •  Safeguarding vulnerable adults

GDC Guidance

ECPD Guidance for Professionals (PDF document)
ECPD Guidance for Providers(PDF document)

Non verifiable CPD is no longer required from August 2018. If you are mid cycle, use this tool to work out your required non verifiable CPD hours during the transitional period: Transitional Tool


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